The mission of the Communications Department at Bak MSOA is to provide an innovative program that provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of the nature of human communication and the environments in which it occurs, its media, and its effects.  The department offers students a variety of classes and areas of concentration including:

    • Speech and Debate                                       
    • Creative Writing
    • Journalism
    • Electronic News Gathering        
    • Intro to Computers
    • Exploratory Performance
    • Computer Graphics and Animation
    • Video Editing and Production
    • Video Announcements
    • Introduction to Radio
    • Marketing and Public Relations
    • Publications


Communication students at Bak MSOA are encouraged to direct their creativity through a variety of outlets.  The diversity within the department allows for the development of important life skills such as self confidence in oral and written presentations, excellent communication skills, critical analysis and problem solving.  

Our students are annually recognized and receive awards for their writing and journalism skills, school yearbook, newspaper, computer graphic designs, videos and short film features and competing at speech and debate tournaments.  Additionally, a collection of our students’ short stories and poems are published in Bak’s literary magazine “Organized Chaos”.

All Communication Majors are encouraged to enroll in a variety of classes and experience the true scope of the Communications curriculum.  Students also have the opportunity to register for competitive, higher-level advanced classes as they progress through the program.  The instructors within the department offer their professional experience and knowledge to educate students from a practical, real-life perspective that provides a foundation for future aspirations.