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Bak Middle School of the Arts offers an eight period day, with school starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 3:05 p.m. The school offers block scheduling for all our arts and academic classes.


Bak Middle School of the Arts (Bak MSOA), an arts magnet middle school, is the largest total magnet middle school in Palm Beach County, Florida serving 1360 students. The following is the school’s mission statement: The Bak Middle School of the Arts is committed to the artistic and academic excellence that inspires and challenges today’s learners. The school’s vision is that the students will maintain high standards through a strong arts program that enriches their lives and enhances academic achievement, develops creative thinking and analytical skills and embraces reading. In addition, the school works towards making sure the academic and arts curriculums reflect a real world perspective.


The State of Florida has ranked Bak MSOA as an “A” rated school for the last eleven years and as well as a “Five Star School”. We have scored above the state and school district average on the FCAT test. In 2011 Bak MSOA named a Magnet School of EXCELLENCE by Magnet Schools of America and Palm Beach County Green Schools Recognition Program award the GreenSchool of EXCELENCE to Bak MSOA. In 2008 the United States Department of Education selected Bak MSOA as a Blue Ribbon School. In 2007-2010 the Florida Alliance of Arts Education designates Bak MSOA Art Achieve Model School. 


Bak MSOA, currently in its Fourteenth “season,” moved into a new state of the art facility in January 2006. The school was designed to be a premier arts school facility with state of the art academic facilities as well. The students move from the downstairs theaters, dance studios, art studios and music practice rooms, to the upstairs academic classrooms. BAK MSOA operates on a block schedule, allowing sufficient time during periods for the art courses. This also allows time for the academic teachers to provide rigorous, creative instruction as well. As an arts school of choice, there is a strong emphasis on the arts, and each discipline is an integral part of our overall program. Visiting artists, artists in residence and quest speakers regularly interact with and support the professional arts faculty and students in providing a cutting edge arts program. Performance opportunities are offered at all levels. The academic teachers integrate arts elements into their lessons, and the arts teachers integrate academic elements. Both the academics and the arts programs inspire and encourage excellence. In addition, Bak Middle School of the Arts offers a full slate of activities from sports, to clubs, to after-school programs. The students are proud of their accomplishments and look forward to coming to school each day.


The faculty and administration at Bak Middle School of the Arts are dedicated to helping each student achieve high standards in all curriculum areas. It is an arts school where the arts drive the master schedule, but where academics are taken seriously. Students choose to major in band, communitions, dance, piano, strings, theater, visual arts, or voice. They may also take elective arts courses outside of their art major. In addition, each student receives rigorous instruction in language arts, mathematics, social studies and science. Full year Spanish and French courses are also offered at each grade level, as are a rigorous selection of high school credit and honors courses. The Florida State Sunshine State Standards provide a comprehensive set of objectives for both the academic and arts programs at Bak MSOA.


In addition to dedicated teachers and talented students, Bak MSOA has the support of parent and community members who assist us in our mission of excellence in arts and academics.  The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), School Advisory Council (SAC), and the MSOA Foundation, all provide monetary and advisory support which enhances the student program. 
Generous grants are offered to each department yearly helping to provide supplementary materials and equipment.  This ongoing support is instrumental in helping us maintainour standard of excellence.


Students are accepted to Bak from all areas of Palm Beach County using an application and rigorous arts auditions process without regard to prior academic performance. In order to attend Bak MSOA students must first pass an audition which then enables them to be entered into the lottery.

Applications are available from and may be submitted online OR downloaded from this website, completed and delievered to the Department of Choice Programs & School Choice Office at: Palm Beach County School District Suite C-124, 3318 Forest Hill Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Fl 33406

Bak Middle School of the Arts’ student population mirrors the diversity of the Palm Beach County School District and that of the Palm Beach County’s population. Transportation to Bak MSOA is available to all students residing in Palm Beach County. Bak MSOA follows the core curriculum guidelines followed by all Palm Beach County middle schools and offers ESE, regular, advanced, and gifted level classes.

Please call Bak Middle School of the Art’s Magnet Office at (561) 882-3801 to schedule a tour for your art experience. You’ll be glad you came.


1725 Echo Lake Blvd. West Palm Beach, Floirda 33407     561.882.3870    

Special Thanks to Catherine Chen and Danielle Chua 8th Grade Students at Bak Middle School of the Arts for all their help