The Bak MSOA English Language Arts Department offers an engaging and dynamic language arts curriculum for all of our school’s students in grades 6-8. Our students receive balanced instruction in reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar as we work to foster a life-long love of reading and appreciation of the written word for all. As our students work at different ability levels, to meet their needs we offer differentiated classrooms and curriculum for each of the grade levels.

Many of our students have enjoyed enhanced learning experiences in English language arts through visiting speakers and authors. Guest speakers have come to our classrooms to present on subjects ranging from literary studies to the art of writing. The most recent authors to visit were Doug Wilhelm and Neal Shusterman. Wilhelm spoke to all of our students about his inspirational novel The Revealers. Shusterman, author of The Downsiders, Full Tilt, and Everlost, presented to all students about the craft of writing and hosted a writing workshop for some of our aspiring young authors.

The Bak MSOA English Language Arts Department is proud of our students’ performance on the FCAT Reading and Writing tests.  Our students are consistently at the top of the chart when compared to other middle schools in the school district.

Many of our students have been recognized for their writing through publication in national media including “KidzEra” magazine, “Today’s Teen” magazine, and Creative Communication: A Celebration of Poets anthology. Our students have taken top honors in writing competitions including the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden’s Read-Write-Recite competition and the Palm Beach County Middle School Poetry Competition. Our students’ poems and short stories are often published in the school’s annual literary magazine “Organized Chaos”, and individual classroom publications at Bak MSOA showcase our student authors including “The Star: A Review of Literature by and for Young Adults” and “Rising Voices: A Collection of Poems”.

Our Academic Games English Language Arts Team students have been competitive and successful at the district, state, and national levels. Most recently, in 2010-11 Bak MSOA earned first place in both the 6th grade and 7th and 8th grade district competition. Our 6th Grade Team finished the 2009-10 district season in first place and our 7th and 8th grade team finished that year in second. We have sent many students of all grade levels to compete in the State Academic Games Tournaments and at the National Academic Games Tournament where they have taken top awards while representing the School District of Palm Beach County.

The Bak MSOA English Language Arts Department offers a unique opportunity for students to read and discuss literature in Book Clubs. There are multiple Book Clubs that run simultaneously throughout the school year; each one is hosted by different teachers in our department. The titles and genres constantly change as each club is entitled to choose their own reading selections and the discussions are driven by the students.

Bak Middle School of the Arts English Language Arts Department is proud to bring out the best in our students through a combined passion for English language, writing, and literature and a supportive pursuit for excellence in arts and academics.