SY23 Yearbook - How to order

               2022-23 Bak MSOA Yearbook
As of 11/11/22 - Attention - 8th grade personal yearbook ads are no longer available. This item is SOLD OUT! The flyer has been removed from this site and the link is being disabled by Walsworth. 
Make sure you purchase a Bak Yearbook before they sell out too!

If interested in purchasing a yearbook, a Grade 8 personal ad or a business ad, please look at the attachments about the cost & how to order the yearbook and how to purchase 8th Grade Yearbook Personal Ad (8th grade students only). Space is limited for 8th grade personal ads, so do not wait!

Interested parties must purchase the yearbook and ads through the company website - Walsworth (see link below).  We will not be selling yearbooks or other transactions on campus.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]
SY23 Final Yearbook - How to order 7.11.22.pdf