Spring 2022 State Assessments: How to Get Scores

Accessing State Assessment Results in SIS (Student Information System) - See attachment for additional information

The state should be sending the Spring 2022 (SY22) State Assessment results to the district no later than June 30th. When scores are released from the state, the district begins to load student test scores into the Student Information System (SIS) - typically within 2–3 days. Parents and students will then have access to see the test results in the SIS Parent Gateway or SIS Student Portal. Please be patient as the district loads thousands of tests results into SIS.  Look below for directions on how to access the assessment results.

District Schools: How Do Students Access State Test Results in their SIS Student Portal?
1. Students login to their district student portal (SIS).
2. On the left, select “My Information.”
3. Scroll down to locate and click on “TEST – State Assessments.”
4. Look for the state assessments taken in 2021-22.

District Schools: How Do Families Access State Test Results in the SIS Parent Gateway?
1. Families log in to the SIS Parent Gateway.
2. On the left, select your child’s name and then select “Child Info.”
3. Scroll down to locate and click on “TEST – State Assessment.”

Having Trouble?
1. Parents/Guardians who did not establish their own SIS account or are having trouble with their account, please ask your child/children to see the test results on their Student SIS Portal.
a. After August 10th: If a parent/guardian is not registered to access the Parent Gateway or is having issues, please send an email to  [email protected], the Bak SIS Gateway Manager,  and he will provide you with the registration information. Make sure to include your name and your child’s name, student number, and grade level.
2. If the Spring 2022 state assessments results are not present, continue to wait on the upload or it may be possible that your child did not take the assessment and/or receive a score. 

Arriving in Early August – New Family Portal (state created – will be linked to the SIS Parent Gateway). The state created a new Family Portal that provides a central location for Florida families to access their students’ statewide test results and have the ability to download Individual Score Reports (ISRs). For easy access, parents/guardians will be able to access the Family Portal in SIS once the “Family Portal” is activated (in August).

District School: Directions for Parents/Guardians to Access the Family Portal from the SIS Parent Gateway
1. Parents login to the SIS Parent Gateway.
2. From the Home screen, click on the “Florida Statewide Assessments” logo to be directed to the Family Portal displaying student test results for that child.
a. If you have more than one child, you will need to click on each child’s logo separately.

Bak 2022 State Assessment SIS Access and Basic Family Portal SIS Directions 6.24.22.pdf