SY22 Bak State-Wide FSA Testing Calendar

               SY22 Bak State-Wide FSA Testing Calendar & Other Dates of Interest.

Please look at the attachment below for specific information about state-wide testing and other important information. It is especially important that students get a good night's sleep the night before testing, have a hearty breakfast on the testing day, and are feeling well. Due to the length of the assessments, lunch is delayed on testing days. There will be at least two or three make-up days for students who were ill and could not attend on the scheduled testing day.

Please be reminded that per the SDPBC Student Progression Plan, students must take a nine week exam if the following occurs:
1. Students with a a failing grade, must earn a 70% or higher to earn a "D" grade for the 4th Quarter.
2. Students with 3 more absences in a class during the 4th quarter must earn a 60% or higher to receive the grade earned in the course for the 4th Quarter. Note: An excused or unexcused absence counts as an absence.